If you're finding that your lead searches are returning a small number of results then you may find that some of the points and tips below will help you to find more results in future searches.

Too Specific

If you try searching for something like "Takeaway Web Design Agency" then for obvious reasons there will always be limited results returned to you. It's much better use a broader search like "Web Design Agency" or simply "Web Design" to maximise the number of businesses you'll see returned.

We will still return results for really specific searches, but there won't be many.

TIP: Always try broad keywords if more specific ones return a small number of results.
Small Location

Similar to above, if you limit yourself too much geographically by using small towns then you won't see as many results as if you use a state or city, for example. Try different variations for the best results.

TIP: In the UK, you'd use Liverpool or London instead of small towns within them.

Where possible, try to use the suggested keywords that we recommend to you in the drop down menu when entering your keyword, assuming it exists. And remember that you are searching for a company type, such as "Web Design", "SEO" or "Accountant" and not a company position, role or job type.

TIP: Use an industry or business type, like gardener or cleaner. Not job roles or positions.

Our software is created and managed by humans, and technology can occasionally run into issues too, so if you run into any issues or are unsure about the data you're seeing don't hesitate to give us a shout on live chat or in an email and we'll be happy to look into things for you. We can always better things.

Speak with us and we can help you to get the best results possible.
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